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Month: March 2019

The History of the Ford Motor Company

By BZR 0 Comment March 29, 2019

Henry Ford – early years Henry Ford was born in Dearborn Michigan in 1863 and grew up on the family farm that was located outside of Detroit. At the age of 16 he walked into Detroit and obtained work at the Michigan Car Company Works which built streetcars. His father then arranged for him to […]

The History of Jaeger Car Clocks

By BZR 0 Comment March 18, 2019

The history of the development of the Jaeger car clocks begins back in 1880 when the great French watchmaker Edmond Jaeger (1858-1922) established his company in Paris. He devoted his life to developing mechanisms for measuring speeds and was a pioneer in the development of chronometers, tachometers and automobile and cockpit clocks. At the beginning […]

The History of Model T Ford

By BZR 0 Comment March 11, 2019

We sell a wide range of original Model T Ford parts, tools, accessories, books & manuals, sales brochures, rare dealership & historical items dating from 1908 to 1927.┬áThese include an extensive range of veteran and vintage parts such as lamps, horns, speedometers, clocks, coil boxes, tools and a range of original accessories.   MODEL T […]