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3 Reasons Make Car Headlight Foggy & How to Repair

3 Reasons Make Car Headlight Foggy & How to Repair

By BZR 0 Comment May 29, 2020

3 Reasons why Car Headlight Foggy Inside

Many car headlights fog up inside after a few years of using and lose their ability to reflect lighting, which causes a potential risk of driving. Several reasons can lead to a car headlight foggy.

The first is the loss of tightness due to micro-cracks in its structure (both on the outside and on the inside), caused by accidents, collisions during parking, sudden changes in temperature, etc. The appearance of the headlight housing can be very fragile. Even it does not appear to have any flaws, the reality is, the car headlight housing has a microscopic break that cannot be seen by the human eye. Therefore, the slightest crack in the plastic or glass can cause condensation to appear on the headlights and fog light.

The second reason to cause car headlight foggy is, the headlight bulb is not fixed well. A poor adjustment of bulbs could cause the humidity in the car headlights. If the headlight bulb is not fixed well, there will be a gap at the junction points between the bulb and the headlamp. Air will be able to enter the headlight housing and cause of the headlights fogging up inside. Along with air, moisture will also enter, which, in contact with hot bulbs, will lead to condensation deposited on the inside of the headlights.

The third possible reason to cause headlight foggy is, a ventilation system clogged with dirt. As a general rule, manufacturers equip the automotive optics with several ventilation ducts so that, if one fails, the headlight can continue working. However, with the passage of time and the intensive use of the car, moisture, dust, and dirt accumulate in the ventilation ducts, clogging them completely. This, in turn, will prevent the heat generated by the bulbs from escaping and will cause condensation to settle inside the headlights.

How to Repair The Car Headlight It Is Being Foggy

Headlight lens foggy will affect how light shines through it; this is a common problem with any vehicle with a plastic headlight lens. I will show you a quick solution that I used, and it worked for me.

Inspect the headlight lens and see if they can be repaired. The worst-case is, the headlight lens is totally broken, and you will have to throw it away and buy new parts. My headlights are off from a 2005 Nissan Sentra and fogged up pretty bad. I used a blue tent paper towel and doubled over and dampened it with a little paint thinner. I wiped the lenses several times to clean off and smooth the surface of the plastic.

They then sprayed me two coats oft clear coat paint on them, letting them dry for about 10 minutes between coats.

Let them dry for at least an hour and then install them back into the car. Test the lights and see if everything is better!

Remember, Check your lights before unplugging car cables so you can change the 9006 led bulb when headlight housing are removed from the car. If your headlight housings cannot be repaired, you will have to replace them, not being able to see at night is not an option.

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