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Author: BZR

Anniversary May 31, 1927: the production lines leave the last legendary Ford T

By BZR 0 Comment January 21, 2019

Can we say that it was legendary about a car that was produced in 15 007 033 series? It’s definitely true about Ford T. You remember the dumb grotesque in which “fordky” was demolished as a running belt. It was part of Ford’s genius advertising strategy. Such Laurel and Hardy familiarized themselves with this car […]

Ford Model T – The First Family vehicle to put America on Wheels.

By BZR 0 Comment January 3, 2019

If the industrialist Henry Ford is referred to as a man who “puts America on wheels”, then it is possible with some exaggeration to say that the bike belonged to the Ford Model T. Although “Tecko” was not particularly beautiful or technically revolutionary, almost everyone could afford it. Model T has begun the era of […]

The History of Model A Ford

By BZR 0 Comment December 24, 2018

The Model A Ford was the successor to the Model T Ford. For some time Henry Ford had been reluctant to develop a new model. He regarded the Model T as the ideal car for the masses and did not see any need to replace it. However, by the mid-1920s the Model T had in […]