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Can I Put Led Bulbs in Car?

led headlight

Can I Put Led Bulbs in Car?

By BZR 0 Comment April 6, 2020

As in the apartment, there is also the option for car headlights to use led light. Many vehicles in the high-priced market are equipped with led lights as standard or at an additional package. Until now, xenon bulbs were the ultimate lighting technology for headlights in cars, but sooner or later, the LEDs will surely replace them. The LED technology is already so advanced. It can already take over the complete lighting in cars, such as low beam, high beam, parking light, position light (daytime running light), turn signals, cornering lights, brake lights, rear fog lights, reversing lights, license plate lights or rear lights.

led headlight

Can I mount a led kit on my car?

Yes, if your headlight is equipped with a halogen bulb. All cars have halogen bulbs, which exist in various types of lights (reverse light, turn signal light, parking light, etc.). The vehicle manufacturer decides the headlights design and which type of bulb they will use, the most common is the H7 led bulb. Other headlights could mount H4, or H11, 9005, and so on.

You could often find famous brands in the names of the led kits, Philips, for example. These brands indicate the brand of the luminous LED chip installed on the led kit bulb. Philips chips are excellent for a well-defined light beam on parabola headlights, while CREE chips are excellent for lenticular headlights. The CSP LED chips to provide a well-defined and burr-free light beam on both types of headlights. Only high-quality LED kits guarantee you a light beam without burrs, vibrations, and dead spots.

LEDs Installation

The led headlight conversion kit consists of two LED bulbs with a plug, which directly replaces your halogen bulbs. You will have to open the hood of your headlight, remove the spring that holds the original bulb in place, and replace it with the LED bulb. Connect the LED bulb directly to the plug that powered the original bulb. Now your headlight is a powerful led headlight that will illuminate the road safely.

led headlight
The cooling system for LEDs is not just for airflow

A fan installed in the headlight brings air specifically to the places where heat dissipated or where the air is otherwise required. The cooling system is important for LED lights. Humidity can collect in the non-hermetically sealed headlight housing, depending on the ambient conditions. Then the reflector and the lens are fogged up. Due to LEDs product much less heat compared to halogen bulbs, this water only evaporates when there targeted (exhaust) airflow in the housing. In addition to the cooling function, the fan used also performs another task that is essential for reliable headlight operation. The operating noise of the fan must be as low as possible.

Besides, there is still more to consider: For example, an operating temperature range of around -40 to +120 generally required in motor vehicles. Then there are the various climatic factors such as air humidity, salinity, and possibly dust in the air. When driving, additional vibration and shock and shock loads, as well as electromagnetic influences, must take into account. A fan has to withstand this and with the most compact design possible. Besides, there are demands on the resistance of the materials used.

In principle, modern LED headlight concepts require reliable thermal management. Robust small fans, which are precisely matched to the specific factors of motor vehicles and LED technology and ensure the reliable removal of excess heat, enable trouble-free headlight operation for more than a decade. Optics, electronics, and cooling so closely linked in the LED headlight that early coordination of all specialists guarantees optimal results in terms of economy and light efficiency.

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