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How The Ford Model T Took Over The World

By BZR 0 Comment April 18, 2019

The Ford Model T was not the first car. Depending on how you define what a car is, that honor was achieved 100 years before. Ford did not invent the automobile heinvented something much more profound. He created modern society. His manufacturing techniques did not just revolutionize how we design and build everything making complicated […]

The History of the Ford Motor Company

By BZR 0 Comment March 29, 2019

Henry Ford – early years Henry Ford was born in Dearborn Michigan in 1863 and grew up on the family farm that was located outside of Detroit. At the age of 16 he walked into Detroit and obtained work at the Michigan Car Company Works which built streetcars. His father then arranged for him to […]

The History of Model T Ford

By BZR 0 Comment March 11, 2019

We sell a wide range of original Model T Ford parts, tools, accessories, books & manuals, sales brochures, rare dealership & historical items dating from 1908 to 1927. These include an extensive range of veteran and vintage parts such as lamps, horns, speedometers, clocks, coil boxes, tools and a range of original accessories.   MODEL T […]

Ford T Model has reached 111 years age old.

Ford T Model has reached 111 years age old.

By BZR 0 Comment February 15, 2019

It was available in “any color you want as long as it is black,” according to Henry Ford, although in fact, the very first Model T Ford, which was launched 111 years ago, came in a choice of colors. It was only when Ford shifted production of his iconoclastic car to a moving production line […]

Anniversary May 31, 1927: the production lines leave the last legendary Ford T

By BZR 0 Comment January 21, 2019

Can we say that it was legendary about a car that was produced in 15 007 033 series? It’s definitely true about Ford T. You remember the dumb grotesque in which “fordky” was demolished as a running belt. It was part of Ford’s genius advertising strategy. Such Laurel and Hardy familiarized themselves with this car […]

Ford Model T – The First Family vehicle to put America on Wheels.

By BZR 0 Comment January 3, 2019

If the industrialist Henry Ford is referred to as a man who “puts America on wheels”, then it is possible with some exaggeration to say that the bike belonged to the Ford Model T. Although “Tecko” was not particularly beautiful or technically revolutionary, almost everyone could afford it. Model T has begun the era of […]