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How to Replace Modern Halogen Headlight on 1930 Model A Ford

How to Replace Modern Halogen Headlight on 1930 Model A Ford

By BZR 0 Comment April 2, 2019

It is very lucky, we still can see a still-can-running Model A Ford. This is Richmond’s vehicle and that is a 70 years old car in Stowe Vermont. Yes, a 1930 model a Ford, and we are going to work on it. What we’re doing is to replace the headlights. We’re putting in modern h4 bulbs led 6000K and they are 60 watts, and we’re taking out the old seal beams.


The Parts we have:

  • A pair of h4 60 watt bulbs,
  • The reflectors for modern halogen light, which have the hole in the bulbs,
  • two plugs,


I got the original halogen reflector, we will remove it from the Model A Ford.

We got our plug all in place.

The black wire is connected to the ground wire while Green wire goes to the gray wire.

Then the probe goes to the Brown wire.

Well, next we put the h4 bulb into the plug, and there is the little Bailey wire that holds the bulb, it is pretty good hood.

Some wire doesn’t fit perfect, then we could bend those ears on the well and then force them to wire in with your needlenose pliers.

Next, let’s slide it into headlamp, and go clips on the right of headlamp.

Then we put the gasket in, but it won’t fits very well, so we have to trim it.

Next, you should see the reflector is the hole diameter. If you look at the reflector, you can see that it’s the hole diameter underneath the glass.

And if you come over to another headlamp, it still has the steel beam in. This is the original headlamp and that is steel beam. They are totally different now.

So, what we can do is we can fire it up and turn the light on.

Okay, it is really a big improvement. The headlight bulbs are all in so that’s all there is to installing a modern halogen headlamp on your model A Ford.

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