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Led or Halogen, Which Light is Better in Fog?

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Led or Halogen, Which Light is Better in Fog?

By BZR 0 Comment April 5, 2020

Often, the motorists who decide to replace the light in their cars will have some confusion. Which bulbs are better to use: traditional halogen or LED? The LED bulbs and the halogen bulbs are undoubtedly different. To understand which type of light source is best suited for use in fog bulbs, let’s first look at the functions of fog lights.

– Front fog lights should indicate a car in conditions of insufficient visibility.
– For the rear fog lights, the halogen bulbs with average power (20-30 W) usually installed there. The rear fog lights reflector should not form any special light beam, and it should simply reflect the light so that the driver of the behind vehicle sees it.
– Fog lights should produce the lights to penetrate the fog and darkness and mark the edges of the road, as well as it does not blind the vehicle driver oncoming. With a standard halogen bulb, the h11 led bulb for fog lights emits the correct beam of light. But with bulbs of different shapes and designs (xenon or LEDs), it is difficult to produce the same correct light beam. The light source itself is not at all where they should position so that they are possible to emit a wrong light beam.

High-quality automotive lighting is one of the requirements that guarantee driving safety. Reliable automotive lighting provides optimal visibility on the road for both drivers and pedestrians while driving. The condition of the lighting system should systematically check to prevent unforeseen and unsafe situations on the road. When buying car light, you should guide in the matter of how to choose light bulbs for cars. Halogen, xenon, bi-xenon – the range of products of this type is large, and you need to know the main difference that will help you choose the best lighting for the vehicle.

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Halogen car light bulbs

Halogen light bulbs for cars are a popular option for lighting. The light bulbs are installed on most cars and managed to prove their effectiveness. The light bulb filled with halogen elements usually is iodine or bromine vapor.

Halogen Advantages:

– In terms of light color temperature, they emit bright white light, similar to daylight;
– all-weather
– provide good visibility in fog or rain.
– the price is affordable.

LED lights can find in many foreign cars. For example, they often used in brake lights, indicators, turn signals, and dashboards.

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LEDs Advantages

Firstly, led bulbs last much longer than traditional ones. They can withstand temperatures from -30 ° C to + 150 ° C; they heat up much less, consume significantly less electricity. A properly installed LED bulb is more resistant to vibration, which is very important for a car moving on roads.

The LED operates time is 200 milliseconds shorter than a traditional halogen bulb. When the LED installed in the brake light, the driver behind you will see the indicator light up 200 ms earlier, which, at a speed of 120 km / h. Due to an earlier perception of the brake light by the driver and, they brake the car in advance that can reduce the braking distance by 6 m, and at a speed of 60 km / h by 3.3 m.

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