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Story: Anders Carlsen Family and Ford Model A

Story: Anders Carlsen Family and Ford Model A

Story: Anders Carlsen Family and Ford Model A

By BZR 0 Comment August 16, 2019

We are visiting Anders Carlsen and his family in Vetterslev near Ringsted. Anders is employed at the State car inspection, one of the guys that all car owners fear. After reading this interview you will know, that he isn’t a monster but just an ordinary guy with a special interest, Model A Ford cars. Anders is one of the team serving in the spare part store in our club, he became member in 1989.

Anders tells how he was infected by Model A’ing.

My Fathers Farther drove a Model A, and my Father did too, they had a ’29 Tudor Sedan, so it was quite natural during my childhood I listened to Model A talk when we were visiting the family on Fyen. My Grandmother told he that people was standing along the road waving their hands already in the 1950’s when they had the Model A – just like today. Even then, a Model A was and old lovely car.

As a school boy in Bagsværd I often went by some Model A’s in front of a villa, cycling home from school. I admired them a lot, and for the owner there was no doubt that my interest was more than normal. I was lucky to enter his workshop and garage, what a experience (as you probably has guessed the Model A owner was Viggo Gottschalk. On the trunk of the car sat the badge of Copenhagen’s Ford Model A Club, so when I started to look for a Model A of my own, I knew about the club. Before I was buying I got hold of the clubadress and went there, at that time it was placed in Søborg. Here I meet other members of the club, I got lots of ideas and information about what to pay, spare part situation ect. I was convinced it must be a Model A. I’m a mechanics at education, but this isn’t a requirement, just look at the Duelund-family, they started without any knowledge and got a fine results.

Story: Anders Carlsen Family and Ford Model A


1930 Tudor.

Through an advertising paper I found a 1930 Tudor sedan in Faarlev. A salesman has traded it for a horse carriage, and put it for sale. It was a totally unrestored car, which hadn’t been used since 1964, it was complete with original paint work, and upholstery – only driver’s seat was damaged. The engine had a matching number, with only .020″ bore, I think that the reading on odometer 89.000 kilometers (Danish cars have speedometers in kilometers) seems reliable.

Front fenders has to be replaced they were as thin as paper where road dust had been hitting them. According to the car papers the first owner was farmer Lauritz Petersen who kept it in registration until 1964, and the only one except me to own the car on license plates (cars in DK don’t have license plates, when they are out of use). I got my license plates 62 years and 2 days after the first day of registration. Some day when time allows it, I will try to find out more about the story of the car.

Story: Anders Carlsen Family and Ford Model A

Stockholm and back.

Last year we were on a trip to Stockholm (Sweden). On this trip the speedometer went over 100.000 kilometers (see picture). My fellow travelers was Thomas & Henrik Thostrup, Tonny (spark plug) Christensen, Poul Wichmann and Erik Beyer (Bathdoc). After Stockholm our trip went to Lake Siljan, on this 2.500 kilometer trip we have no use of any tool, but I had an accident driving backward and hit the only post at a huge and empty camping ground. Believe it or not my friends think it was funny.

We try to participate on the club tours, but last year we didn’t always find the time, as we just bought our house here.

Story: Anders Carlsen Family and Ford Model A

Spare part store.

I have been involved some years, and I like it. But you don’ t have the same relations with all other members at the club meetings, but behind the desk we have lot of fun. There is lot of work with the spare parts. When parts arrive from the US, we have to unpack them, count them and put them in stock. We normally fill all the tables in our 100 square meter meeting room when counting, it’s a nice job and we are a good working team.

Story: Anders Carlsen Family and Ford Model A

Original Parts.

or find original replacements. When we are selling parts we always tells about poor fitting. It’s better to rebuild your original gearshift than by a new one made in Taiwan.  When it isn’t  possible to find original parts, replacements must be used, it’s fine that you are able to buy renovating kits for original parts.

After the restoration I have made some changes making my car even more original. An alternator is not me- if it was possible to drive using a generator when the car was new, then it is possible today too, that’s my opinion. I was lucky finding an original Trico vacuum wiper, which I have fitted  on the car. My next project is to put on original style valve stems on (they are hard to find).


Volvo 1954.

Yes I own a Volvo 444 from 1954, not restored and on its original license plates, split screen font and rear, it’s driveable and ready for use (but I intend to restore it). The Volvo comes for the family on Fyen.


Porsche Junior Tractor.

It comes from my mother’s home, where I have been sitting on it as a little boy, it’s from 1958 powered by a one cylinder diesel engine. According to the books the price was about 8.000 DKr (same price as a little car).

You can’t avoid talking about your job as official car tester.

There is probably not a great demand for testing old cars as Model A’s, but some of the club members have a reason to make abandoned service on their cars. There is nothing to be afraid of, you are treated fine and most old cars have no failures, those who fear most has nothing to fear. I have heard in our club that it was very difficult to pass the test with a Model A during the 60’s and 70’s, because at  that time, many testers disliked old vehicles, and maybe some Model A’ers still remember that.

Thanks for coffee to Anders and Vivi, a special compliment to next Model A generation (a girl) soon starting model A life properly secured in the Tudor.

Incidentally, we also sell a range of oil side lamps and headlamp with replacement 194 led light bulb that was used on the Model A Ford and other automobiles of the era. You can find them on

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