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Story: Cabriolet in the Spotlight!

Story: Cabriolet in the spotlight!

Story: Cabriolet in the Spotlight!

By BZR 0 Comment August 16, 2019

Jorgen Knoplauch is a toolsmith by profession. As a young man he worked with Catalinas for the Danish Air Force, a job which led to his employment as a flight mechanic for SAS, Scandinavian Airlines. Since then, Jorgen has had a “high” office, fitting satellite disks for the Danish state television around the country.


A Tudor 1928

Jorgen: I had taken an interest in Ford As, and some other Ford A owners knew about it. Lars Legaard came to see me one day, and he told me that he’d spotted a car in the central city. It was a Tudor 1928. It had been restored by a dry-goods dealer called Swartz who was also a member of the Ford A Club. That was in ’78. It was indeed a handsome car. I made a trailer coupling for it – the drawings for that have been printed in an earlier edition of Ford A News. I kept the Tudor until I got a convertible, then I sold it to a guy in Bremen, Germany. For several years we had a trailer with a tent hooked onto the Tudor, and I recall once we took it all the way to Switzerland. It took us just one day to drive home from Koblenz to Copenhagen with that trailer. A trip of 830 kilometers (approximately 520 miles).

Story: Cabriolet in the spotlight!

A 1930 Convertible

One day Viggo called and asked if I would like to come with him on a trip into the country to have a look at a car. It was Knud Kisling, who had been a member of the club for ages, who was selling it.

Viggo wasn’t really interested in the car and as for myself, I was only along for the ride. It turned out to be an early 1930 convertible. On the way back Viggo suddenly said: “But isn’t that just your kind of thing?” Maybe, I said, we’ve always wanted an open car. Then I called Knud and told him that I wanted to buy it.

That very same afternoon he appeared at my front door. He had driven the car down to see me.

I restored it in six months, and in 1984 it was finished. I put couplings on it and sometimes drive it with a small fiberglass camper trailer attached to it.

It needs a shine-up because the paint is boiling up in several places, for instance at the footboards. I’ve bought a new folding top for it, but I would like to do the paintwork before I attach it.

The old top is made of canvas with a rubber layer on the inside, and the rubber is coming loose at the seams, so it leaks. The new fabric is supposed to be a newer and better quality. The car has a “Cologne engine” – it is nice to have that extra power when we ride with the trailer.

And then I have the unspeakable: “An alternator which enhances safety”. That means the lights are always powerful and that I never run out of power. But in fact, I’ve never had any problems with the car, not since I bought it (it’s run about 60,000 kilometers), except there’s been some dirt in the fuel tank lately. I’ve just had it registered as an antique car. Its first owner was a shipowner. Once the convertible appeared at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen. It was hoisted onto the stage for a show and a famous Danish opera singer delivered a popular song from its interior. That experience, great as it was, hasn’t given it any ideas though.


Story: Cabriolet in the spotlight!

Phaeton 1929

I’ve also had a Phaeton 1929, but that was too “windy” for me, so I only had it for a short time.

The convertible’s debut as a “long distance” car was in 1986 when we took it to Wales. Driving in Great Britain is no problem – you just have to get used to their traffic circles. It takes about an hour, then you’re doing ok. We saw an English-made Ford A coupe – a guy who came to see us where we were staying – but otherwise there aren’t many Ford As in Britain. We often go to England without the Ford as well. Then we rent a house boat on one of the channels. This was the 7th year we went and we brought the whole family with us. We are 9 people, it was wonderful.


Story: Cabriolet in the spotlight!

A Ford V8

Jorgen’s second Ford is a V8 convertible from 1946. He had always dreamt of getting one of those. He tells us that it was once used as a taxi in Uruguay and that it was almost worn down when he got it. But today it is beautifully restored.


Story: Cabriolet in the spotlight!

Imperia 1929 motorcycle

The Skagen (the northernmost town on Danish mainland, Jutland) rally is a convention for antique motorcycles, and in order to participate Jorgen has restored an Imperia motorcycle from 1929, 500 ccm, with a side car. It is a German model, which was produced in Bad Gothesberg from 1922 to ’35, and which has a Swiss MAG engine. The engine sounds like a fishing boat, but has a beautiful deep resonance. The Skagen rally consists of 174 guys on old motorcycles in bad weather, but it has a fantastic atmosphere – Jorgen is very impressed with it. “By the way”, he says, “we have been to Berlin on that motorcycle”.


Story: Cabriolet in the spotlight!

New Times, New Ideas

It was Jorgen Knoplauch who got idea for changing the name of the Copenhagen Ford A Club, because, as he says, “The time has come to introduce certain changes to the club, if we don’t want to get left behind, and a new name for the club would be a good start. It would be a good message to send off to our many members outside Copenhagen.”

However, the suggestion was recently voted down in the club, by only one vote against, but Jorgen thinks we ought to make another vote for it, when the time is right and the idea has had time to grow on the members. “It is essential to the continued success of the club that we are able to reach people outside the Copenhagen suburbs”, he says. Bringer of new ideas, Jorgen has another suggestion which is sure to keep all the Ford A owners warm over winter: “Open the club to owners of Ford A V8s from the 30s and 40s.

That would provide a breath of fresh air in the club and we would be able to help out the poor V8 owners by giving them somewhere to meet and an easier access to spare parts. I know a few people who would welcome a decision like that. The other day we got together, 13 V8 owners, and every single one would be more than happy to have a closer cooperation with the Ford A Club. I’m sure that it would strengthen the club.” “I think perhaps we’ve become too close-knitted in the club, and perhaps that is natural for the “old” members, but we have to realize that it might scare off new members.”


Any New Projects Under Way?

“Maybe one or two motorcycles, but I don’t have much room to spare.

I wouldn’t like it if I had to part with any of my vehicles: I’m too attached to each and every one of them.”

Ford A News would like to thank Jorgen Knoplauch for an interesting interview and wishes him all the best with his good ideas for a renewal of the Ford A Club.

Ford A News would like to thank Jorgen Knoplauch for an interesting interview and wishes him all the best with his good ideas for a renewal of the Ford A Club.

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