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Story: Erik And His Ford Model A Club in Sweden

Story: Erik And His Ford Model A Club in Sweden

Story: Erik And His Ford Model A Club in Sweden

By BZR 0 Comment August 16, 2019

By a lovely lake, nearby a small village called Markaryd, a village with a population of 5000 people in the southern of Sweden, is a typical Swedish house, made out of wood. What makes it different from all the rest, is the US-Postal mailbox at the gate and a weathercock made as a Model A, an old petrol pump in the yard indicate that some thing special is going on in the garage.

By the gate 2 dogs, Lady and Sita are meeting you, they seems to be friendly, and just happy that some one is coming to visited them.

If you got problems with your bathtub, you call Erik Beyer and he will fix it. That job brings him to Denmark every week, and gives him the opportunity to visit Danish Ford Model A Club. When time permit it, Erik participant in tours and events, particularly a longer trips. Erik is the new web master at the club site and is busy to make the site thrilling for the members and other people of interest. This is a work he took over, from Henning Sørensen on Long Island, when he retired from the job. You can say that Erik is a very active member of the Club, he has been member since 1987.

Story: Erik And His Ford Model A Club in Sweden

From Beetle to Model A.

Erik had from the start already a Model A, and came to Søborg Autoelectrician Poul Erik, who told him about the Model A Club. From previous renovation Erik know that a Club was able to help with restoring the A, because of the knowledge the old members had, so he entered the Club. Erik has at present two Model A’s: A ’29 Roadster  and a ’31 “wide bed” Pickup. The Roadster is from Feb. with a 28 powerhouse style generator and drum tail light. The emergency brake mounted to front of gear shift lever. Many A’ers have switch to 2 tooth steering box but Erik’s Roadster is original in all parts.


A Word is a Word.

Erik tell the story about a pickup. My first pickup I made with a friend of mine, and on the first spring tour we took part of, an older man came forward, asking if, we know who he were? We didn’t so he told us that he had a big company and wanted to buy our Pickup. I told him that the car wasn’t for sale, but he insisted that he wanted to buy the car, to shut his mouth, I told him, the price is 150.000 DKr (21.000 US$) “Top” and we had to deliver the car the next day. Later we agree that it was a good deal, there will always be trouble when  two persons own the same car.


Story: Erik And His Ford Model A Club in Sweden

With money but without a Model A.

We didn’t have any Ford so we  went to Jylland to look at a Roadster, We offered to buy the  car, but we didn’t agreed about the price, so he sold it to another. Later the Roadster was sold to a member in Copenhagen, He took it apart and began to restore the car, because of personal reasons he had to sell it and called me on the phone. I collected it the next day, the parts was at various places.

Story: Erik And His Ford Model A Club in Sweden

A Tune op Model A.

The pickup is special, it was very cheap to restore, the wide bed truck body is a new generation of the Model T bed. There is a heather to cold weather and a G28T engine with high comp. head and dual carb. I think it’s powers around 80 HP. Erik is starting the engine and the sound is impressive. Once on a hill a lady tried to pass me, she wasn’t able to understand why it was not possible, but I said “when” at 110 km/h. When I am driving with other Model A’s it goes to slow, cruising speed is 75 km/h.


Erik’s qualification.


How many Ford Model A’s have you restored?

  1. First was a ’30 Pickup, the one we sold at the spring tour.
  2. Then a ’31 Pickup, made out of a Tudor, I bought from Ivar Christensen in Roskilde – a member of the Club.
  3. I restored a ’30 Tudor to the friend, I build the first pickup with, unfortunately he had to sell it, now it is driving in Germany.
  4. Is my ’29 Roadster
  5. I bought a early ’28 Phaeton, with the engine mounted direct on the frame, and all the early parts. Regrettably there was no space in the front seat. I tried to sell it in Denmark and Sweden, but it went to Germany as well as the Tudor.
  6. Last, my ’31 Pickup WB.


Moose test.

On the road to a border meet in Norway, Lillehammer 1994, together with Anders Carlsen, Lars Jorgensen, Henrik – and Thomas Thostrup. I was driving the first car, suddenly a moose was running beside the roadster,  I was wondering, shall I race it, or hit the brakes. I drop the gas, and the moose went in front of us. In the car behind us Thomas said: Look there is a moose, he didn’t know the danger we just had avoid. But we were saved and continued to Lillehammer and Aadalsnæs, a trip at 2800 km in one week.

Story: Erik And His Ford Model A Club in Sweden

Is the Swedish A’ers as mad as the Danish’s A’ers?

No, they are missing the spirit in a Club, Swedish Model A Club only got one annually meeting. They don’t have spare parts sale as Danish Ford Model A Club. But there is other car club in the area and we have a lot of swap meet, you can drive to a new one every weekend. The local swap meet is the 29. May. The day before Spring tour.


Is there Model A people in the neighborhood?

Stig-Aage lives 20 km from me, he has a ’31 Tudor, here in Sweden 20 km is nearby, it is a long country. Sten Nordberg  has a ’30 Cab. and Benny Svendsen ‘ 30 Tudor, lives 10 km from here, all member in the club.

Story: Erik And His Ford Model A Club in Sweden

All the rest.

Other things in the garage. Yes I have a Volvo P1800 ES from 1973 with injection and AC. I bought it one year ago. Then a BSA ’31 350 ccm OHV. Suzuki GT 125 ccm, 250 ccm and a 380 ccm. Now I have to buy a 550 ccm.


A you moving back to Denmark?

No I don’t think it is possible, I got a lot of space up here to my hobbies, and don’t miss Denmark.


Danish Ford Model A Club.

I think the time, was right to change the name and it will benefit the Club.

I am convinced that the web site first of all is service for the members of the Club, and future members, second it is to inform others about our Club. We got a special web site only for members, with technically information.

Bathdoc. active Model A man, web master and accountant in DFAK. Erik Beyer is one of the active members and does often visit the club in spite of, he has a long trip to the Clubhouse.

Thanks to Erik Beyer and his parents, for there hospitality in Sweden. This is Erik’s led car lights store for Model A, you can find the best 9006 led bulbs for Ford Model A, they are all sourced by Erik and promised to work great on Model A.


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