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The Guide to Purchase Ford A Model

The Guide to Purchase Ford A Model

By BZR 0 Comment May 9, 2019

We’re here at the Bristol heritage site with a beautiful heritage vehicle. This is a Ford Model A built between 1928 and 1931. They made almost five million of these babies in four years flat. No other car was produced in such volumes, in such a short period of time to the Ford Mustang. A slice of history what sports a really practical proposition more practical than Austin seven can keep up with modern traffic. If you want to get your hands on one, here’s how.

Let’s start with the body, the fenders check along the inside lip should feel nice and straight and clean. If it isn’t and it’s been filled, you might find that starts to split up later on as you drive it. The most important thing to do on all Model A’s is to check that the chassis isn’t bent. Because that’s proper expenditure if you need to get it done. Looking at the doors if the doors hanging straight, that’s a good sign. If it’s hanging squiffed then you might find that the chassis underneath is bent. Another way of checking that is to look along the coastline. If the coach line is wrong again, the alarm bells should be going off. Check along the rear fenders as well all the way around get down on your hands and knees look at the chassis. Make sure there isn’t serious corrosion.

Another key aspect to check out is the engine. The model A had two engine types. UK cars built at Trafford Park have the 2.8 liter 4 pot, u.s. spec cars like this one at the 3.2 liters 4 pot.¬†All the numbers can be found in here as well. So check that against the paperwork they all match and it’s a really good car. Even if it’s been restored. They all match that’s worth a premium by the way. This one was restored back in Texas as it has been flown back across the Atlantic. That’s how authentic it is but it’s a fantastic engine babe really easy to work on nice powerful solid lump makes a good noise.

The Model A can be said to be the first of the modern era of Fords. It could be almost said to be the first of them on their cars. All the pedals are in the places that you’d recognize. It’s got a clutch brake and accelerator. There is an advance and the retard handle, so you retard the ignition when you start the engine and advance it as you drive further and faster. There’s a hand throttle here which is kind of helping when you start as well kind of ancient version of cruise control if you like.

It’s so easy to use. When you’re in a car like this, put yourself on a B rows and just watch the countryside floating by it’s absolutely beautiful well sorted goes where you point it, the brakes pull you up when they should do all those good things. It’s going to be bad at stopping or bad at going around corners. This is neither just great fun three-speed gearbox, but the ratio is really nicely spaced from a second gear at the moment. Building alone at 20 miles an hour third gear takes you all the way up to50 55 holds a road perfectly.

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