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The History of Model T Ford

The History of Model T Ford

By BZR 0 Comment March 11, 2019

We sell a wide range of original Model T Ford parts, tools, accessories, books & manuals, sales brochures, rare dealership & historical items dating from 1908 to 1927. These include an extensive range of veteran and vintage parts such as lamps, horns, speedometers, clocks, coil boxes, tools and a range of original accessories.



Automobiles had a rich history before modern CAD-designed cars with extensive safety features and cheap car insurance policies, etc. Henry Ford’s Model T Ford, a key pillar of the industry, played a huge part in the rise of the motor car. The historic importance of the Model T Ford stems from Henry Ford’s ambition to build an affordable automobile for the masses. When Henry formed the Ford Motor Company in 1903 automobiles were built by hand and automobile manufacture was a slow and expensive process. The early automobiles were produced in small numbers and sold for a substantial price that only the wealthy could afford. These vehicles were typically fragile and difficult to maintain and keep on the road. At the time the automobile was generally considered to be a frivolous toy for the rich, not a viable form of transportation for the common people. With the development and production of the Model T this situation changed forever. It was the first automobile to be produced in large numbers and sold at a modest price that most people could afford. It was also a simple design – light but sturdy and generally reliable and easy to keep running

The Ford Motor Company was established in 1903. After 2 years working on the design of the Model T, the first production model was produced in Detroit in October 1908.  Ford introduced the moving assembly line in 1913 and was able to produce the vehicle in large numbers. This was an important innovation and had enormous implications for the company and the automobile industry. Within five years of the introduction of the Model T, Ford was producing over 300,000 vehicles per year – a massive increase in production for the company which had built less than 9000 vehicles in 1906. Within this short period the Ford Motor Company became the dominant manufacturer of automobiles and as other manufacturers adopted these methods this industry rapidly grew to become the most important manfucturing industry in the USA. The contribution to the American economy was substantial and large numbers of working men flocked to Detroit to obtain work in this burgoening industry.

The History of Model T Ford

The Model T was exported to a large number of countries around the world and Ford factories were established in many countries including Canada and England.

The Model T Ford continued in production until 1927 and over 15 million were built. It is long been a favourite among vintage car enthusiasts and it has been estimated that there over 500,000 are still in existence around the world.

Photo Right: Henry Ford posing with his first car (the 1896 quadricycle) and the 10 millionth Model T Ford. This photograph was taken during the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the Ford Motor Company.


We have gathered a collection of period photographs and archival video clips of the Model T Ford.These can be viewed by clicking on the links below. The photo collection includes examples of some interesting modified Model Ts. Due to the affordablity and reliability of these vehicles they were applied to a wide variety of uses – buses, fire engines, snowmobiles, railcars, police cars and vans, ambulances, dump trucks, armoured cars, even rocket transporters!. They were also modified for camping and some owners created mobile homes out of their Model T. We have also included some images of the period Model T Ford advertising brochures and catalogs.

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